51st Annual International Blue Marlin Tournament 2017 • 26/03/17


*All weights and the preliminary results mentioned are subject to change.
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Rules and Regulations 

Tournament Rules:
The 51st Annual ORCO Bank Blue Marlin Release Tournament is a two-day team event with Top Team honors going to the team that tallies the most points during the tournament. Eligible species for the tournament are only blue marlin. Additional prizes will be given for other species (minimum weight 10kg / 22 lbs).

Billfish Division: Three hundred (500) points rewarded for every blue marlin officially released, or 1 point per pound for every blue marlin weighed and verified over the 500-pound minimum.

If a blue marlin brought to the scales fails to make the minimum weight limit, the team that caught the fish will be penalized 150 points plus 1 point per pound that the fish is under the minimum weight. For example, if a fish weighs 480 pounds, that team will be penalized 150 points for not meeting the weight requirement and another 20 points for the 20-pound difference. The total penalty would cost them 170 points, and they would receive no other points for the fish.

Any billfish boated for any reason must be weighed. Failure to weigh a boated fish will result in immediate disqualification for the remainder of the tournament and forfeiture of all points previously earned.

Winner of the Curaçao Yacht Club 803 Challenge is the participant catching the heaviest Blue Marlin during the two-day tournament weighing over 803 lbs. Winner of the 803 Challenge will receive a brand new car.

Release Rules:
All teams must provide their own digital still or video camera to verify releases. The camera must show the correct time and date stamp on each photo or video. After a Bill Fish is hooked up, the hook up should be reported to “control” with the name of the angler. The boat will receive a control code number, which will be between the number 1 and 5. A photograph must be taken of the angler fighting the fish with his rod and reel showing the control number given to the boat by Control with your designated photographer or any other crew member holding up the number with his/her fingers. To score an official release the fish must be at the leader, an identifiable photo/video must be taken of the fish showing the control code, time and date stamp. The photo/video must identify the species, control code number, time and date stamp. Any fish hooked by two or more Anglers is automatically disqualified, but must be reported.

At the end of the day's fishing, the camera, and all photos or video footage taken must be brought immediately to the CYC office upstairs for verification of official release points. Failure to do so will result in disqualification of that day's catch. In the event of a tie, the team reaching the highest score first wins.

Angler, Crew and Boat Requirements:
Without exception, each boat must have on board one registered boat captain and at least one registered mate. Captain and crew changes are allowed but must be communicated to the tournament committee prior to any days fishing. There is a limit of four anglers per boat in this tournament and a minimum of 2; however, if an angler drops out, an additional angler can be signed on with the team if he/she registers before the start of that day's fishing. Registered captains and mates can also be registered anglers. Guests are allowed on the boats. Boats may receive aid from other boats in the form of towing due to mechanical failure. Teams and boats are NOT allowed to receive assistance in landing or releasing fish. Boat may fish a max of 4 lines but 2 anglers may fish 2 rods.

IGFA rules apply in this tournament (see release rules for scoring points). It is the responsibility of each team and crew member to know, understand and abide by IGFA and tournament rules during this competition. 

Any angler, captain, or mate whom deliberately breaks these rules will be immediately expelled and disqualified from this and future tournaments without a refund of any jackpot or registration fees.

• Each morning before departure a team photo must be taken of all anglers with their rod and reel they are going to use for that fishing day.

• All boats must radio report: leaving the pier, baits in the water, baits out of the water and their return at the club.

• Mates cannot hook the fish or touch the rod, reel or line (including the double line) at any time for any reason once the fish takes a bait or lure.

• The leader (swivel) must touch the tip of the Rod, before the fish can be released. All released Bill Fish must be photographed in order to qualify.

• The bait-and-switch method of angling is permitted; however, fish must be hooked at least 10 seconds before the mate may touch the leader.

• Wind-on leaders are permitted but may not exceed 30 feet as per IGFA rules.

• Fishing will be done by trolling or drifting. No bottom fishing is permitted.


The maximum line strength allowed is 50-pound test. Only tournament lines are eligible. If the line test stated on the label is 50 pounds or less, the line will be allowed in the tournament. No extra points will be awarded to Anglers using lighter lines.


The length of the leader is the overall length including any lures or hook arrangement. The leader shall be limited to 30 feet (9.14 meters). The combined length of the double line and the leader shall not exceed 40 feet (12.19 meters) total.

The tournament committee holds the right to examine any line and/or leaders at any time during the event. Refusal to allow the committee to examine any line and/or leaders will result in immediate disqualification from the event without a refund of any jackpot or registration fees.


Unlimited in use or numbers, but max 4 baited rods while fishing.


Unlimited in use or numbers.


Dead bait, lures and any combination thereof are permitted in this tournament.
Live bait is not permitted.

Fighting times:

In the event of late hookups, etc., all fish or release photos must be back to the weigh station by 18:30 hours on the day of fishing.

Daily fishing hours: The boats can leave both fishing days from the piers of the Curaçao Yacht Club at 7:30 a.m. The fishing hours are from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. on Saturday and from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. on Sunday. Neither baits nor teasers are allowed in the water before or after mentioned hours. All boats must be back and/or in sight of the CYC organizing committee ONE- hour after the baits are out of the water, or it will be disqualified.

The tournament committee reserves the privilege of changing starting and finishing times for any reason it deems necessary. A radio start will take place each morning at 7:00 a.m. The official tournament channel will be 68.


“The weigh station is at Plenchi “Be Galmeyer”. All release photo check will take place in the CYC office upstairs, behind the bar area.


All billfish hookups, releases and lost fish must be reported to tournament control, along with the boat name, angler name and fish species. The tournament control's time will act as the official time for any and all catches and releases without exception. The official tournament channel will be 68. A Curacao Yacht Club cell phone number will be given at the captain's meeting that teams can also communicate on. 

Registration will take place March 19th from 4.30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. at the Club House of the CYC.

All teams that are pre-registered and teams needing to register must send at least one representative to obtain your tournament credentials and team captains’ goody bucket. All anglers and boat captains must attend the scheduled angler/captain's meeting (March 19th after registration) If they do not attend, they accept and agree to be bound by all instructions and/or rules changes made during that meeting.


There is no weather committee. The tournament is conducted on a fish-at-your-own-risk basis. If any portion of the tournament is fished and a team or teams land or release fish that match the tournament's eligible species and minimum weight limits, then prizes will be awarded.

Entry Fee:

The fee is $1000,= per boat  (up to 4 anglers per boat and min 2). It also covers attendance at all planned entertainment and social activities.

All protests must be stated in writing. All protests will be settled the day of the incident. All protests must be in the hands of the tournament's designated rules official by 6:30 p.m. on the day of the alleged incident.

All decisions of the official tournament judges are final.


The Curaçao Yacht Club or the tournament committee and the boats owners will take no responsibility for any damage (material or personal) that may occur to any of the participants.


All captured fish, inclusive those not classified, MUST be brought to the weighing station and will become property of the organizing committee. All proceeds will go to charity. So please be a gentleman and bring in your fish.

Angler Boat Species Hookup Release Position
Kenmair Kleinmoedig Just Us Sail Fish 3:33 3:40 Noord
Yuri van Kampen Fish Tales Blue Marlin 2:01 2:30 3 Mi Oostpunt
Kenrick Irausquin Paso Largo Wahoo 12:12 Boarded Klein Korsou
Kenmair Kleinmoedig Just Us Sail Fish 11:37 11:43 Noord
Bancho Mansur Naira Blue Marlin 10:34 10:57 12 Mi of Oostpunt
Wissem Isa Nanny Yellow Fin Tuna 9:33 Boarded St. Joris
Marcel Christ Reeel Easy Un-identified 8:41 Lost 5 Miles South of Fuik
Rick Stekelenburg Le Grand Blue Wahoo 8:10 Boarded Fuik
Edwin Sluis Le Grand Blue Wahoo 8:10 Boarded Fuik